One stop coffee business solutions.Smart Pour Over Coffee Maker
One stop coffee business solutions.

Smart Pour Over Coffee Maker

No More Need to Practice to Make a Cup of High Quality Pour Over Coffee


Patented Dripping Valve Imitating Barista's Pouring Techniques

Coffee Dripper

Eco Friendly,No more consumption of coffee filter paper
The coffee box of ZOOM Easy Coffee Dripper is composed with glass wall and a stainless steel filter wrapped with silicone seal.


The filter features are :

1. Concave design - leading coffee liquid to the middle, and extracting out multiple flavors
2. Done with a unique etching process - smooth surface making the coffee grounds not stuck in the filter and your clean job easy

The ZOOM Pour Over Coffee Maker saves people the hassle of making a cup of good coffee. It is like a point-and-shoot camera, everyone can easily make a cup of good pour over coffee without learning the professional pouring techniques. Through the exclusive invention patented dripping valve, a cup of flavored golden ratio coffee can be done by just turning the knob. This coffee maker won the 2019 Golden Pin Design Award and was awarded the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Mark.

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ZOOM Smart Motor Control

USB Rechargeable, Portable and Stainless Steel Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

One Button, One Minute

Enjoy the Unprecedented Meticulous Grinding Experience

Smart Motor Controlled - Reversion Mechanism & Auto Stop After the Mission is Completed

The motor is designed to grind at low speed like a hand mill to keep the flavor of coffee beans. Some people evaluated the result of the coffee ground by the grinder, and compared with other grinders’ powder, ZOOM’s taste is relatively fresh and bright.  The motor is smart to pause and reverse when beans are stuck during the process of grinding the hard beans. This protects its cutter head and keeps the grinder service for a much longer life. 


Stainless Steel Conical Burr - Last Longer and Less Dust 

The stainless steel conical burr is made with CNC precision machining technology, usually only used by the luxury grinders.   In comparison to ceramic burr, it is more durable and contributes less dust.  Because the ZOOM grinder operates in a smart way at low speed, it won’t have the heat issue that is remarked as the disadvantage by the people who prefer ceramic burrs.   

ZOOM Modern Fashion Portable Travel bag

coffee set Drip Coffee Maker sets coffee tools


Bamboo Lid Glass Jar

High Borosilicate Glass Bottle Free of Heavy Metals and Chemicals

The Art of Glassblowing


Each Jar with Various Tags for Choices


J6 Coffee Premium Quality Single Origin Arabica